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The Who, The What and The Why

Trying to condense me into two paragraphs is utterly impossible. I've spent 20 some years with myself and I am still trying to figure me out. However, you came here to learn more about the artist behind all these works, so for you, I will try.

I am a young woman who has many interests and is passionate about each one of  them. I have my degree in Interior Design and have been working as a Kitchen and Bath Designer for almost 5 years. I also worked as a Visual Merchandiser in both Manhattan and Charleston, SC. I adore photography, hand and computer aided rendering and model making. Over the last year I have even branched out into the wedding industry and have been making signage and decorations for people's "big day". Most of the works you will see on my page fall into one of these categories, but trust me, there are plenty more creative pools I have dipped my feet into. In my personal life you can usually find me watching Disney movies or re-reading any number of fantasy/sci-fi books. I am a strong advocate of having rats as pets and love to be outdoors (especially in the warmer seasons).  I hope to make a decent start to my career here and then move on fulfilling my life with any or all of my passions. Because lets face it, isn't that all anyone wants. - Victoria S.