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The Artist

It's a warm summer evening as I write, what is possibly my worst elevator speech to date. As much as I love to write, and could write endlessly about a variety of topics, I am terrible at writing about what should be my best subject, myself. I suppose I hope to let my work speak for the pieces of me that struggle for words.

With my art, whether it be a drawing, painting a stage, or designing someone's new kitchen, my work is meant to make the viewer do a double take. I strive to be the type of artist who's work is an extension of who they are. For example, the colors in my apartment, are easily reflected in my 
wardrobe. The events and people I photograph are meaningful to me. The drawings I produce are stress relievers that in the end go to loving homes that cherish them for years to come. For me, these mediums have never been just hobbies, they are each chapters in my life that I learned from and improved with

I am currently a full time Designer/PM for Riff Co. Construction, while I "moonlight" as a photographer, artist and stager, amongst various other mediums. I am an avid animal enthusiast and casual, yet persistent singer/drummer. I rely heavily on time with my family and friends, more than ever these days and I will always make time for them, especially when they feed me. I truly appreciate the advice and encouragement I have received over the years from so many people and I hope to continue to make them, as well as myself proud. 

Have you seen my work someplace? Would you like to discuss a potential project? For all Interior Design related projects, please contact me at

for all other inquires, including custom work of any kind please email me at


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